Beautiful Kitchen with Butcher Block Kitchen Island

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Butcher block Kitchen Island set is one of many options that use unique method in getting the kitchen island appearance. Anyway, butcher block is the style of assembled wood that is used as heavy duty chopping blocks, table tops, and cutting boards. The wood options that is commonly used for this butcher block is sugar maple, teak or walnut. Wow, those three types of wood have its sturdiness and popular with it, so it is why those three options are so suitable to be used to form the butcher block. This is used for home use as an alternative to laminate and stone countertop. As a result, you will see the warm ambiance of kitchen and get the benefit of butcher block for your countertop. Talk about butcher block, to choose the right one you can see it based on the option of the grain types of countertop of this kind of object. Butcher block has two grain types that can be chosen by you: end grain and edge grain. Let’s discuss about end grain of butcher block Kitchen Island first, this grain type has upward position and used for heavy duty work surface that withstand chopping, and this one is usually used for small prep areas. Meanwhile, edge grain provides upright position to form the light work surface. Therefore, this butcher block has two inches to 12 inches for the thickness of the board. When you decide to buy and purchase this butcher block, you have to give some free time to maintain this countertop or kitchen island. You can take some advantages if you maintain the kitchen island from this butcher block such as much hard wear and tear, can be resurfaced or repaired and looking so good for many years. You have to do seasoning by using mineral oil finish to prevent the wood from cracking and pulling apart. When you use this butcher block, it will be better if you don’t cut the raw meat on the butcher block directly, then you can surfaced the butcher block by using the plastic board for cutting surface to prevent it is being contaminated. And don’t forget about the cleaning time for the butcher block kitchen island.

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