Low Profile Bed Frame: the Feeling of Sleeping on the Platform

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Mostly, people love to have high profile bed frame for their bed that will suit their night stand. However, the high one is so common to be used in any home design. Thus, it will not hurt to try the lower one in the bedroom, especially for bedroom which is not too spacious and has low roof. The high one might only make your room to be too crowded to see in that type of rooms. That is why the writer will give one recommendation of low profile bed frame that might meet to your liking. Worth Platform Frame of the Low Profile Bed Frame There are countless types of low bed frame made nowadays. However, those frames are not always made with one simple design. Even frame’s production in one country can try to adjust other country’s design to be made into an amazing one. Even if it does not have any decoration in it, you will not dissatisfied and think that the form is enough to make it look elegant. One inspired by Japanese style is Worth Platform Frame made by Modloft. This low profile bed frame one puts mattress on two stacks of platform. The lowest one is made smaller than the one on it, thus it makes the platform look like a flat plate. The material used in this platform is a hardwood, so it will strongly support the weight on the surface. You don’t need to worry, since this platform will not be easily scratched by anything. Of course, there is a need for you to give it a care once in a while to maintain its well-being. Then, this bed with its low profile platform is fully equipped with leather headboard that will offer you with comfort of resting your back while sitting on the bed. Furthermore, two fitting and symmetrical nightstands are provided as well when you buy this bed. The feeling you will get when owning this bed will be as fabulous as sleeping in real Japanese bed. This low profile bed frame sure is amazing in its design.

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