Sleeping Below the Trees with Iron Bed Frame

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Iron bed frame is one type of materials that is known for its strength. Although iron frame might be heavy, it is good to have a long lasting product by using this material. It is because iron will not have any termite that possibly makes your frame become porous like the wooden one. Even if it is also possible for iron to be rusty, you can always prevent it from being wet with anything. Iron is not like wood which can break easily due to the weight on the surface. It is so sturdy and strongly withstands any weight for quite a long time. Tree Iron Bed Frame Have you ever imagine seeing iron made into wood? If not, then you will have to see one design of iron bed frames that is so artistic in the eye. Bed with this type of frames goes with various names. There are Tree Bed, Bed with Birds, Birds Nest Bed, or Birds Nest Wrought Bed. It sure is various, but they have the same basic design. The design is a bed with one thin and small tree on each corner of the bed. These four trees replace the usual pole mounted high to the room roof. The four of them has branches on the top of this iron bed frame that are reaching to each other in the middle. Thus, a nest with the birds on it is made and placed in the center. That is why this bed is called with those names. Sometimes, there is only two trees placed in the head bed‘s corner. Even so, the most common one is the ones with four trees. Since all the trees up to its nest are made out of iron, therefore you will have iron-made wood in this Tree Iron Bed Frame. This bed can also be regarded as room decoration. Putting this in the room and sleeping below those trees feel like doing the same thing in the middle of the nature. It is a very artistic work since the maker tries to present natural things like wood with metal material like iron. For you who are interested in this bed design, it is best to look for one without too much leaves on the branches to avoid the crowded atmosphere in the room. Iron bed frame will meet the expectation of those who look for durable and artistic design of bed.

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