Some Pool Fences Facts to Guarantee Maximum Protection

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Pool fences are the important security feature as the barrier to prevent any accident and injury, mostly to avoid the kids and pets from accidentally falling under unsupervised condition. The most popular type are the removable mesh pool fencing because it features transparent barrier and effortless to shift. Vertical bar fences are other options that come in wide array or materials such as wood, aluminum, wrought iron and vinyl. Note that permanent fencing is recommended as it can provide sturdiness and durability. Pool fences made of aluminum are perhaps the most popular types because it offers durability and beautiful appearance while also requires only simple maintenance. The downside of the aluminum fencing that it gives less privacy and vulnerable from corrosion. Wood is the traditional fence for the pool which provides strength and completely customizable regarded to the size and style. However, it needs routine maintenance to prevent It from distort and twist. Glass pool fencing in the other hand, offers undoubtedly durability and elegant, highly aesthetic appearance while also climb resistant. However, this option is very expensive and can easily shatter. Pool fences regulation can be vary and dissimilar in different countries. However, most countries strictly regulate to have a self-closing and self-locking gate as the custom laws and codes. Another most common requirement is that the structure will not give the possibility for children to climb it. United States for example, has no federal pool fence law, but some states reenacted their own strict pool fence law. The standards are the height must be minimum 48 inches with less than 4 inches spacing between the stakes and must open outward from the pool area. In Australia, all the swimming pools owners need to register their pools to the government body and the inspection programs are conducted regularly. Insurance company also has different rules for the pool fencing regulation.

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