The Beauty of Window Valance as an Ornamentation Dressing

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Window valance are the classic style of a window dressing that cover up the highest part of the window and can also conceal the unattractive hardware fixture or the curtain rods. Called as pelmet in the UK, this popular decorative style is originated from the Renaissance and Victorian era of interior design. Can be dangled independently or paired with the curtains or blinds, this window top treatment can add colors and patterns to enhance the visual interest of the plain windows. It comes in numerous types to choose in accordance to the room interior design and the homeowner’s fondness. Window valance of different types requires different methods of hangings. Before purchasing the right one, the homeowners must comprehend the methods as it will affect the installation process and requirements, along with the amount of the hardware pieces needed. The most familiar type of valance is the separate rods type which also applied together with the wrap and drape scarf type of valance over the separate rod. The attached valance is the one that sewn to the major panels to generate a fine finished look of detach appearance. The mounted valances in the other hand, are already attached to the mounting board hence requires a cautious measurement process and installation. Window valance considerations to purchase have to mull over the windows opens, indoor shutters and the blinds or shades installed on the window. By noticing carefully these aspects, the measurement process will produce more detail dimensions as the result. The width of the valance is very essential, and make sure that the valance is not smaller than the actual measurement. The length is perhaps not as crucial; on the other hand, it will dictate the window appearance. By pondering over everything comprehensively, the installation will be more effective in time and budget. If you are unsure to do it by yourself, the hiring a specialized interior designer is recommended.

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