Types and Advantages of Wainscoting Bathroom

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Wainscoting bathroom is a smart and easy method to create a classical look and bring warmth feeling to the bathroom, a more appealing design comparing to the bare plain wall in the bathroom. This option is also versatile as this temporary treatment can easily be modified and altered once you desire another specific different aesthetic touch to your bathroom; while at the same time provide protection for your bathroom wall from dampness and scrapping. Wainscoting bathroom is generally utilizing wood paneling method. However, metal panels also available to create a more modern bathroom ambience with its sleek and bold manifestation. If you opt for wood paneling wainscoting, make sure to choose solid wood panels. The common 4 feet and 8 feet plank panels is the regular measurement that is readily available in the market. Several sets of wainscot equipment are offered with attached baseboard and ready-to-cut upper molding part. Bead board is the regular form for this kind of ready-to-install wainscot method, known as tongue and groove board. However, you can also order for custom wainscot panel to make sure it will fit well with your bathroom size. Wainscoting bathroom is usually higher than the sink or vanity to perform better in protecting the bathroom from humid. The conventional height in most homes is one third of the wall measured from the floor. If you want to craft more arty accents to your distinctive bathroom, wainscot the wall up to the two third from the floor is a chic alternative to consider. This can also bring more advantage, as it can guarantee larger surface to protect from humid. This relatively reasonably priced option is possible to be installed without having to hire a specialized builder. You can also mount additional molding and paint the wall in a contrast tone and pattern with the wainscoting for more creative and visually artistic effect.

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