Various Features and Types of Pool Loungers

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Pool loungers are designated to enjoy the relaxing moment on the water in sitting position. Since the shape is not intended to lying flat, the lounger is less appropriate for sunbathing. The size is usually following the full body length, so the feet will not touch the water. However, some of the choice is also available in two third of the body length to let the leg touching the water. This pool device is perfect to let you take pleasure comfortably in the pool while reading a book or watching your kids playing around in the water. Pool loungers can take form of the chairs, love seats to even recliners. The chair is tiny yet fun and comfortable which is usually constructed from foam tubes and nylon mesh. It does not need to blow inside prior to the usage and let you sit straight and decent as you float around the pool. Some also made of steel frame inside for durability and able to fold for storage and traveling practicality. The love seats guarantee comfort while snuggle with your love ones with its double seated loungers, while for recliner in no doubt is one of the most sophisticated option with its adjustable button to let you enjoy the pool serenity without have to sit too stiff. Pool loungers have various features to opt for regarding to your desires. The most common is the drink holders for your favorite cold, while some also provide food tray as well to dine on the floating water. If you want to avoid direct sunlight that might be too harsh for your skin, the canopy loungers are also available. This high end option, however, comes in more expensive price. The most high end loungers in the pool are perhaps the floating spa. This inflatable spa connects to the hot water jet system which let you experience warm Jacuzzi sensation. If you hate the feeling of plastic against your skin, the softer to the skin lounger made of nylon covering also available.

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